Nick BegichNick Begich returns with weather control technology that the military industrial complex already possesses. He also explains the science behind HAARP and how this technology can be used for mind control. HAARP uses frequency range that is the same as the human brain. By sending specific frequencies, the populace can be made to feel different emotions and manipulations such as fear and ecstasy influencing elections. The military industrial complex undoubtedly has some of these mind control equipment in their black ops arsenal.


Denise StonerSaturday Midnight October 8th Formerly a corporate journalist for HONDA Research & Development in Torrance, California, Robert M. Stanley is currently the editor of UNICUS magazine and the author of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS ON CAPITOL HILL. He has passionately researched UFOs for over 30 years. In that time, he has interviewed dozens of eye-witnesses and leading experts. His ongoing investigation of UFOs has been featured on international television and radio, and in print.

Mr. Stanley is a native of Los Angeles. He spent 20 years growing up in Malibu, California, before moving to the South Bay. He has traveled to over 50 countries in search of answers to ancient mysteries. Website:


Picture of JoyeSaturday Midnight September 17th, Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh is an alumna of South Georgia College, Valdosta State College and Nova University where she received her doctorate in education. Her background involves working as a researcher, counselor, mental retardation professional, human services director and consultant.

Dr. Joye ’s complete biographical history is featured in Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in America, Who's Who in American Women, Who's Who in the South and Southwest, Who's Who in American Education, and Who's Who in Georgia.


Chris Brown MalloySaturday Midnight September 10th, Charis Brown Malloy experienced her initial and very unexpected spiritual awakening while in college. She feared for her sanity until her seeming "hallucinations" were systematically verified as valid information. Her "coming out of the closet" book,  Journal of a Starseed, documents this transition into the esoteric side of life, which occurred as she led a parallel "normal" life, earning master's degrees in health and psychology - to angels, ghosts, faeries, and an exorcism she performed on a child's playroom included. The second half of the book, entitled "All Roads Lead to Aliens", describes Charis's initial awakening to the extraterrestrial presence and her realization that she was a life long contactee as well as a Starseeded soul. On a continuous journey of discovery that in no way ends with the publication of Journal of a Starseed, Charis is now an author, healer, and lecturer, as well as an administrator on the esoteric forum CosmicYou at
Her website is



Stan GordonSaturday Midnight September 3rd, Stan Gordon to discuss this upcoming Kecksburg Festival and also his book "Really Mysterious Pennsylvania" Call in and talk with us at midnight at 866-970-9622.





Jeff Danelekjason McClellanJason McClellan is the Producer of Open Minds Radio, Associate Producer for Open Minds video projects, and Co-Producer of Open Minds Events. He is an editor and contributing writer for both and Open Minds Magazine. With a degree in Humanities, Film and Media, Jason has spent more than 8 years working in music, video, and event production. He is also a streaming media specialist. He is now devoted to investigating and reporting news related to the UFO phenomenon.



Jeff DanelekSaturday Midnight August 6th,The Great Airship of 1897 Jeffrey Danelek has been writing on the paranormal and Fortean subjects since 2000. Author of five books and a frequent guest on numerous radio shows, Jeff's approach to his subject matter is to remain an objective observer while trying to get to the heart of the varied mysteries that surround us.




John BrandenbergSaturday Midnight July 16th, Dr. John Brandenburg author of “Life and Death On Mars: The New Mars Synthesis” discusses the evidence of a large nuclear reactor process on Mars around 200 million years ago. He believes that components in the Martian atmosphere suggest that a nuclear catastrophe took place on Mars.



Roger BibeauSaturday Midnight July 9th Roger Bibeau- Mr. Roger Bibeau has been a UFO and conspiracy researcher for over thirty five years. Roger experienced his first UFO sighting when he was just fourteen years old. After two additional sightings into his teens and twenties, one time watching approx. fifteen UFOs flying in formation with no less than five police officers, he instinctively knew we were not alone.




FahrushaSaturday Midnight July 2nd, Fahrusha is a renowned professional psychic and intuitive reader. She is listed as one of the 20 best psychics in Woman's Own Magazine and as one of New York's Psychic Superstars in New York Magazine. As well, her work has received rave reviews in Patricia Collins' book Psychic New York, in Hans Holzer's 2001 edition of Psychic Pages and Scott Harney's Esoteric Guide to New York. She has appeared in the New York Times and on Good Morning America and CNN amongst other places.


Michael MurphySaturday Midnight June 25th Gary David: In 2006 after more than a decade of fieldwork and scholarly inquiry, his nonfiction book The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cites of the American Southwest was published. This volume describes a pattern of Hopi villages and ruin sites that precisely mirrors Orion, with an ancient site corresponding to each major star in the constellation.






Michael MurphySaturday Midnight June 18th Filmmaker (What in the World Are They Spraying?) and political activist Michael J. Murphy talks about new evidence for chemtrail spraying and geo-engineering. The very weird weather patterns we've recently been experiencing could be related to climate control, geo-engineering, and chemtrail spraying. Weather modification, Project HAARP and other topics will be discussed.


Robert JacobsonSaturday Midnight June, 11th, Robert Jacobson is a multi faceted entrepreneur and space tourism specialist. Robert is a founding member of Desert Sky Holdings, a Los Angeles based boutique private equity group that focuses on below the radar opportunities.

62MileClub's Blog,
62MileClub's almost obligatory Facebook page,
Blog for Robert Jacobson,



Tom FabbriTom Fabbri, Health-and-wellness expert, entrepreneur and life wrangler. Tom Fabbri has faced fear many times in his life – and learned to harness that fear to help him achieve his dreams. Whether training to become a helicopter pilot, climbing the world’s Seven Summits or diving with sharks, Tom lives with a passion and a purpose - Tom now has his sights set on space. Tom and Kate are joined by Brian Cohen image consultant and exploration advocate.



Peter DavenportSaturday Midnight May 21st, Peter Davenport In addition to being the director of the National UFO Reporting Center, Peter has served as the director of investigations for the Washington Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network.





peter robbinsSaturday Midnight May 14th, Peter Robbins is co-author, along with Larry Warren, of the British best- seller, Left at East Gate: A First-Hand Account of the Bentwaters-Woodbridge UFO Incident, Its Cover-Up and Investigation. Rendlesham / RAF Bentwaters UFO case.




Picture of John Spencer Space Tourism ExpertSaturday Midnight May 7th, John Spencer returns for an update on the Space Tourism Society 10th Annual Celebration and milestones of space tourism that have we have passed. John Spencer is considered a leading expert in creation and design of real space facilities and space ship interiors for NASA and private space enterprise, as well as space and future-themed simulation attractions, resorts, camps and media for the general public.


Stan GordonSaturday Midnight April 30th, Our guest will be Major George Filer was an Air Force Intelligence Officer who not only had an extraordinary encounter with a massive UFO on radar over the United Kingdom. Georger Filer has a "must read" weekly newsletter called Filer's Files. Check it out



Stan GordonSaturday Midnight April 23rd, Our guest will be Stan Gordon. Stan has conducted On Scene Investigations of thousands of mysterious encounters across Pennsylvania. Stan gained prominence in the field of UFO research as the authority on The Kecksburg UFO Incident. Stan has appeared on Inside Edition, and A Current Affair, and has been invited on other TV talk shows as well. In 1989 Stan was visited by a TV crew from NIPPON TV of Tokyo, Japan, who interviewed various witnesses about UFO encounters in Pennsylvania. He also was featured in other TV specials including Prime Time on PBS. He also appeared on Sightings for the FOX network.


Picture of John Spencer Space Tourism ExpertSaturday Midnight April 16th, John Spencer is considered a leading expert in creation and design of real space facilities and space ship interiors for NASA and private space enterprise, as well as space and future-themed simulation attractions, resorts, camps and media for the general public. He is the founder and chief designer of the Space Experience Design Studio (SED). Over $300 million has been invested into building his original space/future themed concepts to date.



Lloyd PyeSaturday Midnight April 8th, Lloyd Pye is on discussing his much talked about Starchild Skull Essentials eBook and the new 2011 mtDNA analysis Lloyd Pye (1946-) is an American author. Pye is known for advocating an ancient astronaut hypothesis on the origin of human life by deliberate intervention by extraterrestrial life and for his work with the Starchild skull, which Pye claims is a relic skull of a human-alien hybrid.


peter robbinsSaturday Midnight April 2nd, Peter Robbins is co-author, along with Larry Warren, of the British best- seller, Left at East Gate: A First-Hand Account of the Bentwaters-Woodbridge UFO Incident, Its Cover-Up and Investigation. Rendlesham / RAF Bentwaters UFO case.




Michael LuckmanSaturday Midnight March 26th, Michael Luckman Author of Alien Rocktalks about his efforts to form a committee and a landing spot for extraterrestrial visitors. He led the first ever UFO demonstration at the United Nations and was recently on FOX and Friends discussing the release of the UK's secret ufo files.





jasonSaturday Midnight March 12th, Jason Freidenfelds manager, Global Communications and Public Affairs, Google, Inc. discussing artificial intelligence.

This show will air one hour later due to ESPN program. Expect air at 1 am or listen to podcast.


nickMarch 19th, Nick Begich author of Angels Don't Play this HAARP.






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