Ufology talk RadioDiscover the Truth behind UFOs and ETs with The Kate Valentine UFO Show

Are you interested in knowing more about the ETs (Extra Terrestrials), abductions and UFOs?

Do you wonder if our planet has been visited by creatures from other planets? 

Do you really believe that so many of the reported UFOs are weather balloons?

Get information that the media and the government is not willing to reveal. Get to know more about UFOs from the expert guests on The Kate Valentine UFO show. The show has been aired on the radio for over two years now and its popularity is increasing with with every passing show.

Access the Truth

Discover the secrets about UFOs and ETS, as Kate Valentine talks with her expert guests about UFOs and all the aspects of ETs, abductions and evidence.  The firsthand information supplied by the guests who come from various fields ranging from scientists to the military and experiencers to abductees, have educated listeners since the show began its broadcast. Each guest sheds more light on the subject and takes the listeners on a journey for answers.

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"I've been involved in UFO studies for more than thirty years and a guest on more radio shows than I can remember. But I can tell you that Kate Valentine is one of my all time favorite radio hosts. Why? Because she has done her homework, read the literature and met with the most significant people in the field making her incredibly knowledgeable on the subject of UFOs, because she is an outstanding interviewer, and because she is simply one of the few radio hosts with the courage and curiousity to address and re-address this usually derided, distorted and misunderstood subject. Subscribe to "The Kate Valentine Show" podscast - you won't regret it."

Peter Robbins, investigative writer, researcher, lecturer, and co-author of the British best seller, "Left At East Gate: A First-Hand Account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, Its Cover-up and Investigation"

"The Kate Valentine Show is one of the most professional shows dealing with the UFO subject. Kate is a wonderful host, and she is genuinely interested in what her guests have to say."

Jason McClellan
Web Producer | Radio Producer
Magazine Editor: Open Minds

Thank you Kate. It was a breath of fresh air  to be interviewed by someone with your perceptivity and charm. Thank you for taking such a complex subject
with such patience, indulgence and intelligence. New York is all the richer foryour programme and the subtlety of the insight you bring into it.

Nigel Kerner author of Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls-The Conspiracy to Genetically Tamper with Humanity. and The Song of the Greys .

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Best UFO Show on iTunes!
If you are looking for the facts, true stories, and great guest with real info you can use, this is your last stop. Start from the beginning and you will be hooked. Loads of info. – Wanted to Listen

Kate’s Great, Love Her Show
Highly recommend this podcast. Kate asks good questions, isn’t rude to her guests like some hosts can be and always has interesting guests. Easy to listen to and follow. I appreciate the lack of commercials too! No need to fast forward through those. – The SkyHand

I just found this podcast not long ago and immediately loved it. The best part of the show is that Kate invited many experts from many different science areas to provide the audience with accurate and trustable sources of information. It covered almost all kinds of the most mysterious and interesting topics of physics including ufology, relativity, antimatter and so on. Not like other scientific shows that the hosts did too much self talking without having the real experts in the areas explain or prove their points and those were more like too much gossip entertainment than the real science. Kate did an outstanding job on her show above all others of the same kind.

Keep up the great job Kate and thanks for the great science and entertainment. – Shakesbeerr


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